Love is the answer. No matter how redundant and silly this may sound, it is true. People forget, more often than not.

Love comes in many shapes and variants – platonic, romantic, universal, tough, propre, parental, spiritual – but, when genuine, always kind, inclusive, patient and non-violent, no matter what.

Most importantly, love is a choice. One we make every day. One that should guide every decision we take, one way or another. Guided otherwise, sooner or later, chaos and pain ensue, on smaller scales as much as on bigger ones.

It is easy to forget that. We may take love for granted. We may not love ourselves enough to be able to love others. We may get distracted by fear and anger. And love is work, always. But it may just be the most worthwhile job we could ever accept.

About the compendium

This collection is supposed to make this job as easy as possible. It gathers a set of media, approaches and ideas that foster love, provide guidance and inspiration on how to love more, better, wholesome, regularly. Use it to find love: In and for yourself, in and for others, in and for all things. Then share it.

If you find something amiss, please contact me, so we can change that.

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